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Your home as the best photo studio for your family

When I meet new people, they are often surprised to hear that I take photos in people's own homes. More often I see the fear that people find that their home is not representative enough as a photo backdrop. In reality, it is possible to create a nice corner for photoshoot in every home. Besides that there are many other creative ways to make your cozy home look fabulous on your photos, better yet it will create unique photographs compared to most sets in studios. The real home as photo background is mostly minimal and carefully thought out is more for adding mood to the result to tell your family story. After all, all homes are created and furnished with love - both simple and grand.

Safe environment has many benefits. It makes possible to include those on your photos who can not be taken to studio- like pets or grandmother who does not leave the house. Besides that everyone feels more relaxed at home and soon you forget that someone is taking your picture, the poses come out more natural when the emotion is real. How you feel is usually reflected in the photos and has impact in the final result.

One of the most special emotional example of home session is a young woman expecting a baby. First time I went to capture this wonderful expectation and nice family in early spring, when the ground was still gray from winter and mud puddles were scattered on the roads. Seeing a big mirror in their bedroom, I offered the opportunity to try an idea, and this was the beginning of a beautiful and special photo.

The adorable princess was born right into the early summer sunshine.

On the day I visited second time to finish this special photograph of the little princess with her loving mother, the sun was already in a high arc, daisies and red clovers peeked through the grass.

Result of two visits, hours of work with the camera and in computer...paparapam-papaa... and this great picture was ready for the joy of the little princess and her wonderful mother :)


My favorite in the world of light has always been natural daylight. It creates nicest tones and beautiful light and shadow games. I think it's exciting to place a person in the light and capture these special moments, because natural light in its abundance of nuances is unique. Of course it is quite unpredictable and unstable. For me it is a challenge that activates creativity that helps me to create unique photos.

All indoor photos of people in my portfolio are captured in some ones home, or in some other real and special place, using natural light available on that day. Of course sometimes this is critical to add some artificial light but I avoid it if possible and use it more as fill light.

Untill we meet at your cozy home at unique and fun family photoshoot, here is small selection of photos taken in the best "Family Studios".

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Kohtumiseni Sinu parimas fotostuudios! :)


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