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Price list

 A package of photo sessions for private clients - for yourself, your family or a group of friends.
All sets can also be purchased as a gift card.

Mini session

Especially suitable for portraits of one person.

The service can also be used to photograph up to 3 people.

Duration: 30 minutes
service fee: €75


The best choice for families, couples and groups of friends. Also suitable for portraying a single person in several locations and clothes. 

Duration: 60 minutes

service fee: €140

Maxi session

Best choice for larger groups (eg: bridal/wedding party, larger families)

In the case of multiple locations and/or outfits for family photography.

Duration: 120 minutes

Service fee: €250

More information

All photo session packages are guided and include:

  • Pre-photographic consultation *(online)

  • Individual portraits of each participant

  • Group portraits (the whole group)

  • Smaller group portraits (eg: in the case of a family, children together; mother and daughter; father and son, etc.)

  • A digital gallery of high-resolution photos 

  • All photos have undergone general light and color correction. 

  • In close-ups, minor skin defects have been removed (Pimples, etc.)

    Each photo session is unique, as is the result, because it is born in cooperation between me and you, as the superstar(s) of the moment. Therefore, the resulting number of files is unfixed,
    so that all the beautiful shots reach you.  

    The photo session takes place in a beautiful natural location in Pärnu or its surroundings. the location will be agreed during the prior consultation.  by agreement, it is also possible at the customer's place.

    *During the consultation, we will agree on the location (and time, if it is not already in place),
    We will discuss your photo ideas and wishes. let's talk about clothes and other important things,
    which contributes to a nice photo session with a beautiful result. 

Come! Let's create together beautiful momentsof today that will enchant your soul tomorrow!

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