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Illustration is not only the domain of books.
It is a visual work, the emphasis is more on what is represented than on the way of representation.  

The task of an illustration is to explain, support, enrich or visually decorate a story or relevant textual information.

An illustration can have very different purposes. 

  • In fiction, especially children's literature, illustration is used to give faces to the characters, to visualize the action and/or the background, or to create an emotion — the images make the reader laugh or make him cringe.

  • An illustration can explain technically complex objects or describe yet-to-be-realized objects that cannot be accurately expressed using text. Technical instructions in manuals are often illustrated.

  • Scientifically, illustration is used, for example, in medicine to depict anatomy, in botany, in zoology (there are species that are difficult to photograph), in archaeology, etc.

  • Illustration also has an entertaining purpose — on postcards, posters, in the press, on commercial packaging, in advertisements, and elsewhere.

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