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AIFOS OÜ creates a visual form that suits you and your company. 


Before ordering design work, consider the following questions:

  • What do you want?

  • What is the output of the work?
    Is the design intended to be printed in a printing house, displayed on the web...etc? 

  • Does the photo collection used on the website/prints exist or do you need to create one as well. 


In the case of design work, it is reasonable to set aside time for a personal meeting to discuss the details of the work in more detail and prepare a brief. 


In addition, it is worth remembering the following: 

design is not the collection, compilation, editing, proofreading, reproduction of existing logos, etc. of print materials. 

In general, we assume that the customer has texts, images, drawings, etc. If you need help with the production of image materials, this is a separate service that can be ordered additionally if you wish. 


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